Monday, August 27, 2007

Wilbur House Reunion

With my 20th high school reunion coming up soon, my mind has been thinking about having a Wilbur House Reunion. Some of you may know that while in college I lived in a house with 5 other Christian women. The Wilbur House for several years hosted renters from the college Bible study that I was involved in. I'm not so excited about my high school reunion but I am excited about the possibility of a reunion with my college friends. There has not been a reunion since the last one of us got married, it is time to have one.

So Wilbur girls, if you are reading this post, here are some of my thoughts. Let's all meet together here in Northern California next year for some fun with your families. I will figure out the exacts sometime soon. When we get together next summer (summer of '08), I want all of us to sit down and plan a girl's weekend (or week, depending on all of our schedules) for the following summer (summer of '09) for just us girls. All of us have our 40th birthdays coming up within the next few years and we could all celebrate with a time away from our dear families. What do you think??? Where could we go??? I know Stacy would say, "Let's go and lay on an island!"

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Anonymous said...

My Kindred Shelly!
I am ALL there! You just tell me when! I say "can" the high school reunion, because it is no match for the fun and fellowship of the "Wilburettes!"

Jen A.