Friday, August 24, 2007

Oxymorons at the Ballpark

Yesterday, my sister Amy and I went to the Giants vs. Cubs baseball game. Thankfully, my beloved Giants won the game. It would not have surprised me if they lost because the Giants are having a not so great year (to say the least) and I have been to 6 games this year and the Giants have not won any of those games. It is a big Bummer, Bummer with a capital B, to go watch a game, spend the money for the tickets, food, parking, transportation only to have the Giants lose.

I saw several things that were Oxymoron's to me. The first: Amy and I walked from the BART station to the ball park, about a 1 1/2- 2 miles. Several times we passed men either holding a sign or the sign was around their necks that read, "I NEED TICKETS". They held several tickets in their hands and said as we walked by, "Anyone need tickets". How could they NEED tickets yet have tickets for others that might need tickets? These men almost got right in our faces as we walked by. Finally, I took our tickets out of my bag and clutched them between my fingers so they could see them. We were not bothered again. Is there still a law about scalping tickets at a game?

Next oxymoron: after the game as Amy and I walked back to BART (by the way, the Bay Area has a wonderful mass transit system and it sure is a wonderful way to get to the city) we saw a Giants fan- he was all decked out with his Giants ball cap and jersey, carrying a broom. This would have been appropriate if the Giants were going to sweep the Cubs for this last game of the series, but in fact, if the Giants would have lost, they would have been swept by the Cubs. Maybe this fellow did not watch the last inning of the past two games and thought the Giants really had won those games (we should have won, we were ahead, but. . . it is a bad year for the Giants).

Another: I saw several fans wearing Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bears jerseys. These fans were at the wrong ball game and possibly the wrong sport.

And another: My dear sister Amy told me that she wanted to wear all Giants gear and wear her Chicago Cubs socks (in memory of my Grandfather). This too is an oxymoron but my sister is so darn cute in her ways that we won't count this one.

The last was a couple walking back to BART near us. The male was wearing LA Dodger gear and she was wearing SF Giants gear. This made no sense to me at all and I wondered how they were able to stay together with such differences (I will have another post later about the Giants/Dodgers rivalry).


Alex and Charity said...

HI Shelly! THanks for your comment! I miss BART even though I never enjoyed riding it becuase I'm snobby like that.

I watch Giants game when they come on FOx on saturdays(thats the only day we get baseball here becuase we have no baseball teame except the durham bulls, the minor league team). My favorites are the home games where I can see the rest of the bay area. It makes me feel like I'm there, even though I'm not. THat makes me both happy and sad.

WE miss you very much. Hi to Janet.


Steve Scott said...

I'm glad you noticed this! I've always wanted to say to the one scalper about the one standing next to him, "Hey, HE has extra tickets!" Still haven't gotten that nerve up after all these decades. And isn't "oxymoron" that whitening stuff you add to your laundry? hehehe