Thursday, August 9, 2007

Swimming At 6 A.M.

I have been swimming on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (6-7 am) consistently for one year and off and on for the last 3 years. This morning at my swim class, God painted a beautiful sunrise for me to enjoy. The beauty intensified as I continued to swim. The sunrise was to the right side of the pool. Each time I took a breath, my lungs longed for oxygen and my eyes/mind/heart longed for the breath taking views of the incredible colors under the foggy cloud layer. My workout went by much quicker with the incredible backdrop. I was reminded of God's goodness, faithfulness, care and grace that He gives even in the rising of the sun. Incredible.

As I watched the sunrise, I plotted out this blog post. Included in my thoughts was my list of why I enjoy and don't enjoy swimming at 6 am.


  1. Awesome sunrises on some mornings
  2. Start my day off on the right foot (or the left, does not really matter but the days starts right)

  3. Good cardiovascular workout

  4. Feel good for the whole day
  5. Burn calories and help to lose weight

  6. Muscle tone

  7. Helps me improve my swim strokes

  8. Less crowded swimming lanes, usually 2 people per lane, spit in half, each take a half

  9. Makes the morning cup of coffee after swimming taste really good

  10. Morning shower is nice and warm

  11. It is conversation with my students about my exercise preferences

  12. I tend to eat more healthy all day long when I have swam

  13. Allows me to justify a "treat", this counteracts the burning calories and weight loss though

  14. Swimming in water that is warmer than the cold outside air

  15. Sleeping really good the night after a workout

  16. Usually I have a good prayer time during my swim

  17. Seeing my friend Dawn, if we both make it on the same day

Don't Really Enjoy

  1. Getting out of the warm bed

  2. Getting up early

  3. During the school year, packing my entire necessities for the day the night before. This includes; all my swim things, my shower things, my clothes, my work bag, my lunch, and anything I might need for after work if I am not going straight home.
  4. Leaving the house when it is cold

  5. Sometimes getting in a cold pool

  6. Getting out of the pool and into the cold outside air

  7. Showering outside on the pool deck

  8. Changing in the locker room. Sometimes the locker room door can not be opened and I have had to change in the pool house or snack shack and put my make-up on in the car.

  9. Forgetting something important like deodorant or underwear. I have learned to keep extra of these at work and in my car.

  10. Rushing to get dressed to be on the road by 7:20 to go to work.

  11. Having a wet head

  12. Smelling like Cl2- chlorine all day long

  13. Having shaky leg muscles, muscle fatigue

  14. Going to bed on time the night before to get up on time

  15. Giving in to staying in the warm bed and not going to workout. Really bothers me the rest of the day for being a sluggard.

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Anonymous said...

I miss swimming, but Alex got a job and I think I can swim again. Yay!