Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meet and Greet

On Saturday my mom hosted a Meet and Greet Baby Joey Party. My mom always hosts the most wonderful parties. The definition of a good party: good people, good food, people enjoying themselves, and people not wanting to leave. This was the type of party my mom hosted. My mom is able to host a wonderful party because she is so wonderful herself. Mom, great job on another wonderful party. Thanks for the fun and memories.

Baby Joey was able to meet extended family, friends and neighbors. It was really nice to see everyone. Baby Joey was such a good little baby boy. He was passed around from person to person and did not even give a fuss. Trinity did a great job with all the people and excitement. She is such a good girl and big sister.

Here are some pictures from the party and later that day.

This is Michelle, one of my sister's closest friends. This is her baby Addison.

Sometime during the party the "girls" were teaching me some of their new dance moves. What cracks me up in this picture is that we were trying to get Trin involved in the dance and as you can see she was picking up the steps (just a few beats behind us, or was it that I was a few beats ahead- could be possible because I am not know for the dance and rhythm in me!).
Here is my cousin Lorie, her daughter Elizabeth and the star of the party, baby Joey.

Olivia and Angela brought their little doggy Taffy to the party. Trin had a ton of fun with the "girls" and the pup.

Addison is at least a month older than Joey and look at the hair difference. It was cute when Jen set him down next to Addy (or is it Addie? This was a debate for the day) she said, "You need to sit down here next to your future prom date". This made us all chuckle.

Here is my Gma, my cousin Cheryl, Steve, Trin and the girls.

I love this shot of the girls. They were playing inside the little playhouse. Olivia did not fit inside so she is leaning in the window.

I love my baby Joey Love.

3 sisters and a brother and a sister. We all got down and were enjoying baby Joey.

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