Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Any One Get Their Cheap Scoop?

Today Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Shop had all scoops for 31 cents! All the proceeds are going to the fire department. The local BR in my area was packed but it only took a few minutes to get served and out the door.

Couple of questions for my blog viewers:

1) Before you choose which flavor of ice cream you want, do you look at all
of the ice cream choices behind the counter glass?
For some reason, I can't seem to pick out what flavor I want until I see
all of what they have and what they look like. This is even true if I get one of
my same favorites. I guess I think that there just might be something better
than my favorite.

2) If you got a scoop today or your freebie from Ben & Jerry's this
week, what flavor(s) did you choose?
When I go to Baskin Robbins I usually always get Rocky Road. This was my
favorite flavor as a kid. Rocky Road is not the same as it was way back then.
The marshmallows were more chewy and the chocolate was darker. Every time I get
BR Rocky Road now, I am wishing that the marshmallows were what I remember as a kid.
Ben & Jerry's is far away from me. So, I don't get it often but I like
Cherry Garcia. I would like Chunky Monkey but there are too many big walnuts
that taste funny with the ribbon of chocolate to me.


Shelly said...

Forgot to share that this image was from Google Images.

Anonymous said...

Got my scoop after waiting in the incredibly long line! Anyway, it's always mint & chip for me, no need to look elsewhere.

Jen A.

Steve Scott said...

I don't eat ice cream very often, but I like coffee or espresso flavored ice cream.