Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We Are Family

This past weekend my sister Jen and sweet niece Trinity were up for a short visit. Trinity goes into my parents bedroom every morning at 6:30 to snuggle in bed with them for a few minutes. On this particular morning Trinity was laying next to my mom and says as she affectionately touches my mom's arm, "Nana, you are my family". My mom responded, "that's right Trinity, I am your family". Then Trinity said with pauses between each, "and Papa.... and GiGi..... and Shel Shel (she pronounces it 'Shaw Shaw').... and Auntie Amy,.... are my family". Think my mom started to cry and she told her, "yes baby, we are all your family and Uncle Eric too and we love you very much".

When mom told me this story I just had to share a post with everyone. Wanted to post the song that my family danced wildly to at both of my sisters' weddings, "We are Family! All of my sisters and me"....

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