Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lately the Best Thing About Driving to Work

The best thing about driving to work in the last few weeks have been the incredible sunrises. I drive about 25 miles straight East on my way to work every morning. A combination of Northern California having some cloud coverage in the Fall and it almost time for the "Fall Back Time Change" has created some awesome sunrises on my way to work. My heart has leaped from my chest with the site a few mornings, it literally has taken my breath away with it's intense colors. I can do nothing but drive and look right into the incredible hues of orange, red, pink, purple, blue and the white of the clouds. God is so awesome with His incredible artistic ability.

When I get to school I ask around if anyone has seen the sunrise and most say that they have not seen it. I tell them they don't know what they have missed and that it was incredible. One of my students did see it and he said it was incredible and he even said it took his breath away. My sister Amy drives some of the same rout as I do but has to go North before she goes East. When I call her on my way to work (I call both of my sisters on my way to work and also my dear Mom) she has not yet seen the sun rise. Finally, yesterday she called after I had called and told me that she was seeing the most incredible sunrise that she has ever seen. Wow, it has been beautiful and I thank God for the incredible sights in the morning, it truly focuses my heart on the King of Heaven and His wonderful faithfulness to mankind.

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