Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Pre-Dawn Alarm Clock

Anyone who has a cat or cats can relate to this post. The rule at my house is that my 2 cats don't get fed until my alarm goes off at 5:00am. Usually, when the alarm sounds with my news station, the kitties come running to make sure I have heard the alarm go off and to get me out of bed to drop some food in their bowls. Some mornings one of my kitties is a hungry monster and starts his rampage to get me up early. He does everything possible to get me up. He stands right in the middle of my shin bone, he purrrrs loudly in my ear, gets up on my dresser and starts to play (or lick or eat) with something, will start fighting my other cat in my room, will use the litter box and not cover up his poop, . . . the list goes on. I have tried many things to discipline him when he starts in because I am not getting up to feed him before the alarm clock goes off. By this time I am wide awake.

This little video clip is some of the tactics that my hungry cat tries to do to wake me up. Thankfully, he has not learned how use the baseball bat that stands next to my bed.

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Anonymous said...

That kitty video was hilarious! I am learning to love animals. Now head over heals for our goldie "Annie", I am learning to love our new German shepherd puppy "Bunyan". God's creatures do bring a little spice to life!