Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Need to Talk to You

Yesterday on my way home from work I received a voice mail from my mom that said, "Honey, I really need you to stop by our house on the way home from work so I can share something with you. It should take only a few minutes but I really need to talk to you." Quickly, I called my mom and she was wondering if I could come by and I said I was on my way. I had no idea of what my mom wanted to share with me. My heart just prayed for the details and for me to be calm.

So, I pull up to my M&D's and go in through the door. My cutie-pie niece greets me at the door. That was slightly a shock and was not sure if Trinity was what mom needed to share with me or if Jen and Trin were here to hear what mom had to share with us. I screamed, "Hi my Trinity love!" She went running off to the other room to play hide and seek from me. As I came in Jen told me to go and read her shirt. Now I needed to find her. She was in M&D's room hiding behind their bed. I found her and I said loudly, "Booooooooo! I found you!" She came running up and jumped into my arms to squeeze me and kissed me. She is so precious and sweet. I finally was able to read her shirt, it said,

I am the Big Sister!

So, the big news was that Jen was sharing with the family and the "sisterhood" that she and Joe are having another baby. I am going to be a Auntie again. What a joy and praise to God.


Alex and Charity: said...

yay for babies!

(And I am glad that you posted. I missed your blog...)



Sandi said...

Wow, congratulations! How fun for Jen & Joe!

Glad you posted. :-)