Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fun Busy Days

My sweet "Loves" have been in town since the day after Christmas and my days have been a fun filled busy. Together we have turned over every rock, stone and wood stepping stone in Nana and Papa's yard several times and discovered many cool bugs and salamanders. Many books have been read through while sitting on a comfy sofa, with both snuggled close to listen. The kids were the best for a family party I hosted yesterday, playing happily in the empty room down the hall with the bucket of kids toys I keep on hand. We even went and saw Alvin and the Chipmunks (and the Chipette's, my niece would want to include). Today, we are going to try ice skating, hope my bum bum and knees survive. There is something special about a child reaching their tiny hand, or it feels tiny in my hand, up into your hand to be held. My heart melts when Trin Trin says, reverting back to when she was a wee little one like Joe Joe, "Shaw, Shaw" or when Joe Joe says, clear as a bell, "Shel". My response always, "Yes Love".

Loving these fun filled busy days.

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