Monday, September 3, 2007

Summer Fruit and A Green Lawn

Love, love, love summer fruit. This morning I ate a huge bowl of fresh raspberries, blueberries and peaches for breakfast. "Yumahuh!" What is "yumahuh!"? You will probably here me talk about "yumahuh!" from time to time. "Yumahuh!" is a delightfully delicious meal or food to me. When you say "yumahuh!", you say it like the old Yamaha motorcycle commerical. So it would be "Yummmmmmmahuuuuuuuuuhhh!" It is also said kinda in a rhetorical question, "it's yummy, huh?" I wished I had a digital camera to take a photo of the delicious bowl to show you. Beautiful array of the colors of the luscious fruit, the white background of the inside of the bowl (outside of the bowl was blue and yellow plaid) and the silver spoon dipped deep into the bowl of color.

My back yard lawn was not as green as I would I like to be. My lawn had "highlights" of brown and yellow. A few weeks ago I used a 16-16-16 fertilizer to make the lawn more deep green. What a difference, my lawn is now beautiful, lush and healthy looking. But with extra fertilizer that means extra growth. Gave the neighbors a little time to sleep in (since it is Labor Day) and at the strike of 9:00 on my grandfather clock, I started up the mover. It's been hot around here for the last week and by the time I was done I had droplets of perspiration on my brow. The whole backyard looks much better with a nice, freshly mowed green lawn. Looks real sharp. I then mowed the dead (very dead intentionally) front yard. What a contrast. Lord willing, sometime soon I will be giving my front yard a make over, just waiting for all the fundage to be lined up. But the back yard looks wonderful.

I enjoy yard work, it is very therapeutic to my soul. Right now I have a little anxiety in my heart with the first day of school tomorrow and all the changes that have taken place at my school. Just worked for half an hour but had a nice time of prayer lifting my concerns up to God. When I finished, I ate the fresh bowl of fruit sitting outside enjoying the fresh air and the chirping of the birds.

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