Saturday, September 22, 2007

Favorite Type of Saturday

Today I purposefully planned nothing with structure and time. Over the years I have learned to put days like today on my calendar to help vitalize every aspect of my life.

The alarm went off as usual at 5:00 am so I could feed the cats (if I don't get up and feed them, they will not let me sleep). This morning was a little different though. After feeding the ravenous "lions", I turned on the Women's World Cup quarter final match between England and United States. The World Cup is in China this year and they are several hours ahead of California time. World Cup Soccer is one of my most favorite sports to watch on TV (my favorites are World Cup Soccer, Olympics and Giants baseball). It was probably a good thing that the game was on early in the morning because it caused me to keep my enthusiasm quiet so I would not wake up my roommate. It started to rain outside while I was watching the game. I opened the slider door and listened to the pitter patter outside and let the cool fresh air come in. So delightful. USA won 3-0 and will now play in the semi-finals.

When the game was over at 6:45, I crawled back into bed to snooze some more. Ahhhhhhh, slept in to 9 something, don't remember exactly. Love it. After laying awake for some time I finally got up and went into the kitchen to make some good coffee to enjoy. In the freezer I had some Peet's coffee and thought I would make a special pot of coffee. Special? Oh yea, special. Special in that I can sit and savor my coffee,in my favorite coffee cup, and not gulp it down because I have to rush off somewhere. Coffee always tastes better on Saturday mornings that are not rushed. I actually made breakfast. After breakfast I was able to sit and open my Bible and spend some wonderful time with my Savior and my God. Nice time to ponder what I read and to use that time to lead my heart to prayer, very spontaneous and Spirit lead.

My co-worker called and offered me her Cal Bear football tickets for the game today. I so badly want to go to my first Cal football game but for today I was enjoying the way my day was going. I turned the tickets down and I don't regret it at all. Think I showered around 11:45. My sister Amy came over and we hung out for a bit and then we went shopping at Walmart and Navlet's Garden Store. We both were enjoying a relaxing day and were in no hurry with our shopping. We got some Chinese food for lunch and brought it back to my house to eat it.

Amy had read my post a few weeks ago about "Friendship Garden". She said that since she read the post she wanted to give me something that I could have in my friendship garden from her. She is such a sweetie. She bought me two hibiscus plants that have beautiful flowers in a bright and cheery coral/watermelon color and the other is a creamy yellow with a red center. I bought two cool cobalt blue ceramic pots to put them in. When we got home we planted the plants in the pots and placed them on my front door stoop. One on either side of my jet black door. It looks really nice. Now Amy is part of my friendship garden.

After Amy took off I spent the rest of the day working in the yard. Oh, I love working in the yard. I would rather do yard work any day than housework, although I enjoy doing housework (the only exception is folding my laundry- don't know why that is). I worked outside for a good 5 hours. I weeded, cleaned out the vegetable garden and planted lettuce, planted some beautiful pansies, cleaned around the yard, worked on the pool and now the back yard looks great. As I worked I listened to the Cal football game and part of the Giant's baseball game but I was satisfied in working in the yard. Both the bears and the Giants won. Good day in sports, all of my teams that I enjoy following won.

Just love a Saturday like the one I had today. I will be longing for the next one that I will be able to have. Next Saturday is my next favorite type of Saturday (it is equal with the first but sometimes it wears me out a little). I will be able to spend the day with my family. My sister Jen and her husband Joe will be in town with my dear niece Trinity. I can't wait wait to see them and play with my niece. I love her to pieces.

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