Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wild Card Hopes

Great weekend (the whole week actually) for the San Francisco Giants. Broom city, a little pay back for what the Rockies did to us last weekend. The new ad campaign in the Bay Area is "I'm In!" referring to everyone Giants- the fans, the players, the managers, the hot dog vendor, the BART driver, the priest. . . are "in" for the Giants being in the post season.
"I'm In!"
With the sweep over the Rockies, the Giants are now tied with them for the Wild Card spot in the playoffs.
What a night for baseball in the city on Friday night. Hot does not even describe what the weather was like at home inland before Amy and I left for the game. The Weather Channel said it was 90 in San Francisco, almost unbelievable. There have been countless times the temperature gauge says over 100 when we leave but quite the opposite upon arriving at the game. For night games, one would be foolish if they did not have their thick jeans, long underwear, the heaviest sweatshirt they own and a jacket with them. Amy and I stayed in our short sleeve t-shirts and carpi pants the whole game and were still very warm. Very odd weather. Amy said, "It feels like earthquake weather". When she says comments like this, my only response is, "Stop saying that right now". The nice evening ended perfectly with a win for the Giants.

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