Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trip to LA Photos

I wanted to share a few funny photos I took while driving down.
About the time I saw this truck, I was ready to have my travel coffee mug filled up. The problem was I could not figure out how to pull along side this truck and get a re-fill. The driver was of no help either, he would not slow down.
Here I drove with the Cartel, not the drug cartel (don't know how to spell that) but tomato cartel. When I drove down there were countless trucks that were empty and had no tomatoes, if fact I did not see one traveling southbound that had tomatoes. One the other hand, all the trucks traveling northbound were filled to the top with tomatoes.

I could not believe what this truck was advertising, dog poop cleanup. What in the world, you have got to be kidding. If you own a dog, you need to clean up after your dog. Why have a dog if you can not clean up it's poop. We could use this service at work because people have the nerve to walk their dogs on the PE fields and not clean up after them. We step in it, the kids step in it. As the pick up says, "Glitch!".
This job could go on the Dirtiest Jobs TV show.

One evening Ann and Becky hosted a gathering so I could see some dear friends. Oh what a joy and encouragement it was to see each of them. Here we have Alan, Karin, Becky, Dimi, Ann and Jerre. I have known most of them for 15 years!
On my last day I was able to visit with my dear friend Selena and her family. It was the first time for me to meet her children. What a sweet family. I so enjoyed my time with them. Selena was a big component in my new life as a believer way back in 1992. She was so encouraging and helped me get involved in the Bible study on campus. She still is a huge encouragement to my heart and walk with Christ.

Here is Selena's mom. I lived with Selena's parents for a few years when I was starting my teaching credential program.

Here are Selena's cutie pies again. They all just finished their swim lessons.

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