Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Grandma

My grandmother has seen and experienced many things in her 93 years of life. We talked recently about these things. Here is just a sampling of some of the happenings in the world:
*she has lived in 2 centuries
*she has lived in 10 decades
*been alive for 2 World Wars
*been alive for countless other wars
*lived through the Depression
*saw the first cars, airplanes, radios, TV's, telephones, computers, most modern day conveniences. . .
*her family growing up milked a cow for milk, turned that milk into butter
*been alive for 16 different presidents
*she never herself stayed overnight in the hospital except for having her daughters. She was in the hospital last summer to have a pace maker put in (had been 60+ years since her last hospital stay)
. . . the list goes on.
Now my grandma can say that she will live with one kidney and that she has had cancer. This morning (she is in surgery prep as I write) my grandmother will undergo surgery to remove a lemon sized cancerous tumor that is on her kidney. My grandma and her age amazes me. If you have a moment say a prayer for her.

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