Saturday, November 3, 2007

What's Happening in the Garden

Today I am going to go out and work in my yard and garden. I already went out and watered, mainly to give my plants a drink and to prep the soil for pulling weeds and planting a few new crops. Ate a few things while I was out there too. I had a delicious, juicy orange, a few leaves of sweet basil, a tomato and a leaf of lettuce.

My garden produces many things throughout the year. I am thankful that my orange tree is a year long producer. My apricot tree produced hundreds of yummies (pretty good for a toddler, only 2 years old- he's potty trained too!) but they were all ready to be picked and harvested the week I got out for summer vacation.

I have 12 heads of green and red leaf lettuce that are ready for picking, good thing I am bringing a salad for a hospitality home meal tomorrow. My lime bush has produced limes for the first time (another 2 year old) and I think they are ready to be picked. I am going to try to make tacos this week so I can slice one of those babies open and use in the guacamole and tacos.

It is time for me to cut off all of my oregano and allow the new baby oregano to sprout up. I think I am going to make small little bundles of my oregano tied with raffia and give to people at church tomorrow.

Charity and Alex, you will be happy to know that your little "Lemonade" lemon bush has exploded with blossoms. There is no way this smaller plant can handle the weight if all of those blossoms turn to fruit. There is one small lemon on there that is the size of my first digit of my thumb.

Today I am planting chives, sugar snap peas and more lettuce. I have to tear out some of the tomato plants to do that. I hate taking plants out but I know that tomatoes will have a very hard time of getting ripe now, even though there are still lots of flowers and green tomatoes on the plants. Soon the nursery will have onions for me to put in too. I think I am going to try carrots again this year.

My bulbs have started to sprout. This is odd because bulbs are to be planted in the fall to be ready for spring. We have been on a roller coaster for weather here. We had a "cooler" summer and mild September. October had some rain and cool weather but the last 2 weeks have been warm and dry. Think the poor little bulbs are a little confused.

Wasting my time, I want to get out to the yard. Everyone enjoy your day!

"Now is the time for all good gardeners to arise, take up your hoe and strike a blow for fall vegetable gardening!" Quoted by Dr. Jerry Parsons


Anonymous said...

Your garden is BEAUTIFUL!! I confess, I am somewhat envious, sitting here with my black thumbs (not just one, but TWO!:-). I would love to come and be a bunny in your garden. For now, I just have to go to Henry's, our local produce store! :-(

Love you!

Shelly said...

Hi Jen,
I need to confess, that picture is not of my garden. I pulled it off of Google images to show something that looks like my garden to give my boring typed script blog some life. Currently, I don't even have a digital camera. I guess I should have said in the post that the picture was not mine. Sorry to disappoint.