Monday, November 12, 2007

Trin Trin is 2!!!

Can't believe it has been two years since I held my sweet niece in my arms for the first time. She still is precious as ever, I love her to pieces. They had a party for her at the little gym with some of her friends. This was fun to see her in the birthday dress that Nana gave her, running around , jumping, hanging from the bars, kicking and throwing balls, doing somersaults and being the center of attention. She knew full well it was her day.

Papa's favorite name for her is "My Little Miss America". Here is papa's Little Miss America in the beautiful dress Nana got for her. She loved her little dress for her birthday party.

The theme for her party was Elmo. Here she is attempting to blow out the candles but she does not quite have the concept down of blowing to the candles. I had to lean in behind her to help blow out the candles. It took me 3 tries to get them out too, I did not do much better than she did. Check out this cool cake, it is a cupcake cake. There were 36 cupcakes (some chocolate, some vanilla) under the frosting. There was no cutting involved, just pull away. Unique idea.

Auntie Amy gave Trin a rain coat and umbrella. Sunday it just happened to rain a little and Trin asked for the rain coat. She got her rain boots on (how come all children love rain boots? I think every child has a pair and they wear them for everything) and her jacket and we went outside with the umbrella. She walked up and down the sidewalk, splashing in the puddles. I even heard her softly singing while she tromped around. She is so very cute.
Soon there will be 2 children in the family. I am excited for June and Baby #2 to arrive.

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