Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wow! One Down 3 to Go

What a fun and incredible ride this has been. Great win tonight for my San Francisco Giants in game 1 of the World Series. Would love if God's favor was towards the Giants this year. Incredible offense but we've gotta work on the defense a wee bit. Tonight I had a great time watching the game at a friend's home. She saw how pumped up I can get.
The kids at work have done some cute things over the last several days regarding the Giants. They've got the "fever" too! Last week Mrs. B's 2nd grade class did the morning announcements, a day when the principal was gone. At the end of their scripted announcements they cheered out, "Go Giants!" In another class last week, Mrs. A class had thought out ahead of time a way cheer the Giants on for me. After doing their 20 jumping jacks, they yelled out, "GO GIANTS!" They said they did this for me because I love the Giants so much. Today, 3 of us teachers had on Giants t-shirts. I started a chant with some of my students as we walked to the classroom and to lunch, "Let's Go Giants!" clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. Two of the 1st grade classes after recess chanted out in their line up lines (room 20)- "GO" (room 19) "Giants". That cheer was heard around the school. Today I gave out one of the SF Giant's pencils I picked up the last time I was at a ball game. The students were playing a game that involved putting on a orange or blue pennie to identify who was on each team. One girl refused to put on the blue pennie because she said it was not orange like the Giants. Every day, she shares her excitement of the Giants and how they are winning. After class I gave her a SF Giant's pencil that I had picked up the last time I was at the ball park. She loved it. I guess she shared that I gave it to her to another student. That student came up and asked if I had any more pencils and that he was a Giant's fan. I asked him if he was "a die hard fan" and he said he was. I asked, "for this whole season you have been a Giant's fan?" "Yes". I said, "who is the Giant's 1st baseman?" He could not answer so he did not get a pencil. I have one more pencil to give out and I know who it will be for tomorrow- a boy who runs up to me every day to give me a high 5 about the Giant's winning the game the night before.
I'm loving these fun days with the Giants! I told my students today that if the Giants win tonight, tomorrow night, Saturday and Sunday, sweep the series, that I will not be at school on Monday or whatever day they have the parade, that I will be in the city taking part in the fun celebration. They all want to come too. Not sure how I am going to work a field trip for all 500 out them.

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