Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Heelie Tendon Hurts

Friday at work, a 6th grade girl came into the girl's PE office to ask for an ice pack. When someone asks for an ice pack we allows ask why, mainly to determine if we need to notify the office or the student's parents that they got injured. When I asked her why she needed an ice pack, she replied, "my heelie tendon hurts". I repeated her answer with a question, "your heelie tendon hurts?" She said, "yes". I then proceeded to ask her if she meant her Achilles Tendon and she said, "no, my heelie tendon hurts". I completely knew what she was trying to say but was having some fun with it. So, another teacher who overheard the conversation said, "her heel hurts". We gave her an ice pack and gave her the instructions to hold the ice on with her foot elevated for 20 minutes and that should help her "heelie tendon" feel better. Boy, did we laugh it up over that one. Kids just say the cutest things sometimes.

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