Monday, March 31, 2008

Might Be a Long Season

The Giants and their fans might be in for a loooonnnnnnng season. Today the LA Dodgers beat us 5-0. Our opening day starting ace, $127 Million Zito, allowed 3 runs in the 1st inning. Come on Barry Boy, it's time to earn what you are paid, move on from the A's and get it going. The Giants should have started Cain or Lincecum today and not be concerned with the money we have spent on Zito.

Today I wore a Giants jersey that a student gave me. Granted it was one of his old jersey's but it is a Giants jersey. Had to wear it today, it was opening day. I also wore a orange Giants cap. My students crack me up. Even with all the garb I had on, students still asked me, "Are you a Giants fan?" I just give them a dumb look like "isn't it obvious". Several students commented today, "Your Giants suck". My calm reply, "a true fan stands by their team if they win or if they lose. You are not a true fan if you are a fair weather fan".

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