Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hot Dog or Hamburger

Everyday this last week at school was rainy and wet. On days like these my PE department has to be clever as to what we will have our students do for the day. My school does have a gymnasium but it is not big enough for 5 classes (during 5th period that is 250 students) in there at a time. This week we decided to show Field of Dreams and have the students do a Character Counts assignment with the movie. We asked them to fold a sheet of binder paper vertically, the long way. Not quite understanding which way to fold the paper, one of my "bright" 8th grade boys said, "Hot dog or hamburger?" I said, "Hot dog". He then knew how to fold his paper.


Us said...

HAHAHA I miss the insanity of teaching school... I'll call soon.

Sandra Thompson said...

Haha! It's amazing how all kids know that one! Just the other day I was teaching a small group of kids and I asked them to fold their paper, and they asked me the same exact question! Hot Dog style, kiddos! And that was in EPA. =)