Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Photos

Oh my goodness. My heart was about to leap out of my chest on my way to work a few weeks ago. I took this through the windshield while driving. It is against the law in California to talk on your cell phone but it is not illegal to take a picture with your digital camera.
This was taken yesterday up at Lassen National Park. Dad and I went up to close up the cabin for the winter and we decided to take a ride up to the park. My heart said, "the mountains will declare the majesty of the LORD!"

This picture is for you Trin Trin. These cows were hanging out in a field with Lassen in the background. They sure were watching every move I made.

Just a mountain barn. I'd say in a few years it will be laying on the ground.

The shadow does not give this picture justice but it shows what dad and I paid for gas yesterday on the the way home. $2.69 a gallon. Yes, that is right. The prices are finally going down. I paid $2.99 at Costco the other day.

All of us went out to dinner for Grandma's (or in Trinity's case GG-Great Grandmother) birthday. Trin and I are showing off our paper hats that I showed her how to make.

My Mom is the best Nana in the world. And boy does she love Trinity and Joey, and they love her so much. Trinity loves to be with Nana and Papa.

The colors are changing and turning so beautiful. Some areas are just amazing. I love the fall because it means cooler weather, rain (Lord willing we will have more rain this year than last year), getting rid of my farmer tan, planting my winter garden and eventually spring will come and that means time to get ready for my summer garden and summer vacation.

Jen and the kids were up last weekend and we went to a local pumpkin patch.

I love my Trinity Love.


The Head Scibbler said...

I miss you guys! I hope I can come back soon. Maybe in the spring. But it depends on the baby and our trip to Belarus.

Love you! Charity

Steve Scott said...

Great pix!