Saturday, May 31, 2008

Triple Play

Last night the Giants had a remarkable triple play. It was so cool. Too bad they ended up losing the game in the 13th inning. Check out the clip here.

Today I went to a game with my dad and Kathi and Rick from my church. It was a nice time with the company I was with but the Giant's lost again. This is the 4th game that I have been to this year and they have lost all 4. But I guess this will be par normal for my boys at the yard this year. They are fickle, they sweep the best team in the NLW and then lose 2 in a row (if we lose tomorrow we are swept) by one of the worst teams in the NLW.

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Steve Scott said...

I saw it on TV. Pretty cool. I've seen two of them in person. This was better because the good guys turned it this time.