Thursday, August 28, 2008

Amy and I had to go to Pinky's Pizza last night for dinner. Pinky's has been in my parents town for a very long time. I can remember going there after swim meets when I was a little girl, after football and volleyball games in high school, a Saturday night special treat when my dad worked all day and we would all be sitting around watching Wide World of Sports, or a birthday party . . . The memories go way back. Tom the owner of Pinky's is calling it quits on August 31, after 40 something years. I tell you we were not the only one's thinking about saying good bye and thanking Tom for the memories. I ran into 3 people I went to high school with, a childhood friend and others that we all had things in common (swam for the same swim team, went to Las Lomas. . .). It took us over 1 hour 15 to get our pizza and we called it in 15 minutes before we got there. It was crazy but it was worth it. As I walked out, I had to stop at the counter and tell Tom (who was making pizza's), "Thanks Tom. There have been many memories here for my family. Thanks for being part of our good times." I blew him a kiss and his eyes welled up with tears. He said, "I love you guys".
Photo is from Google Images and is of the bar at Pinky's.


Mike said...

Las Lomas Class of 77 myself.
Met plenty of Las Lomas Alums.

Tonight it was Motorcycle night

Tom and I raced bikes together back in 85

Cherie (Baker) Vann said...

hey girl!! We got to sf and I suddenly thought "why on earth did I not let Shelly know??" so sorry, I would have LOVED to have seen you. It just came so fast and I was swamped trying to leave. Next time though :) My husband is officially in love with northern and central cali, so who knows where we'll end up~!!

Cherie (Baker) Vann said...

PS - any questions on your front yard, let us know! Todd can totally help you!! congrats on all you're accomplishing!!!

Tracy and Sandra said...

Awe...My friend's husband worked about Pinky's for 4 years during High School. I didn't know they closed! I remember going with her (when they were dating) to go and visit him. Delicious pizza and a homey environment! How sad! Hope things are well for you! -Sandra