Friday, May 20, 2011

Heart Attack Wilson

Fans thought the torture was over with winning the World Series. The drought of winning a series yes was over but the day to day torture of day to day wins in the 9Th inning is not over. The torture is alive and well. My friends and family know that I call Brian Wilson, "Heart Attack Wilson". It almost never fails that when Brian comes in to close up a game and give us a win, that I think he is going to blow it big time. Somehow, he can still pull off a win even though he loads the bases, has a run scored or gets his home crowd going from screaming that we are going to win to complete silence (at opposing games, he gets their fans screaming that they might win). Brian is also known as "Fear the Beard". What I think of this is that fear the beard really means, when the beard comes in, he just might give me a heart attack. Come on anyways, how close can you get to the edge of the Grand Canyon and not fall over?

picture taken from Google images

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Steve Scott said...

A huge cross necklace draping his chest would make him look soooo Eastern Orthodox. Dig the beard.